Wednesday 8 July 2015

Five years! (and a couple of months ...)

Five years! (And two months) I have just noticed that this May (the seventh, to be precise – Danish time ...) marked the fifth anniversary of the very first example of my Tolkien Transactions, then posted to the newsgroups rec.arts.books.tolkien and

When I started posting my short ... well, shorter, at least ... posts back in 2010, I had no idea they would grow into this, much less that they would be read so widely. It was originally a service for the old-time inhabitants of the Tolkien newsgroups – tried warriors of the usenet battles of old – and only listed few items; the first issue had sixteen URLs plus the shortened versions (for those whose NNTP-readers would wrap the URL, making it useless), and five sources.

Already the sixth issue became available on the World-Wide Web on a blog as professor Larry Swain kindly offered to post it on his blog, The Ruminate, but already the next month, I had started this blog (which will celebrate its fifth anniversary this coming November), inspired by another usenet poster, Steve Hayes (Khanya, Notes from underground and Notes from underground), who blogged favourably about blogging. Since then, I have posted all issues here at Parma-kenta, at the Tolkien usenet groups until the 49th, at the LotR Plaza (issues 26 through 48), and since issue 50 I have been honoured with an invitation to post them also on the new Tolkien Society website.

You can find a full list (updated as of today) of all the issues with links to at least one representation of each at my Tolkien Transactions page.

Some truly gifted artists creating Tolkien-inspired art, Jef Murray, Jenny Dolfen, and Joe Gilronan, have also agreed to let me illustrate my posts with their artwork, for which I truly am very, very grateful.

Over these five years, I have received many expressions of encouragement and recognition, for which I continue to be exceedingly grateful – really, it is knowing that the effort is appreciated that makes it worth the effort every month, so thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!

8 July 2015

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