Thursday 25 November 2010


Parmar-kenta, enquiry into (the) books. From Quenya parma, book (pl. parmar) and Q kenta (or centa), enquiry, communication essay.


You are now reading the parmar-kenta, my blog on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and related matters. But wait, ‘Yet another Tolkien blog?’ you might ask, and all I can say is, yes, yet another Tolkien blog, but this one is mine!  ;-)

Why you should read it, you ask? Well, certainly not because the author has any particular claim to worthiness or fame … or even notoriety … I hope. You should read this if it catches your interest (which is, of course, rather difficult with this first post), and I will promise to post irregularly on a number of topics that have some relation to Tolkien and his writings. As the title suggests, the focus here is on that which has been written: the parmar.

I will most likely be referring quite a lot to the ‘Tolkien newsgroups’, by which I mean the usenet groups, usually known just as ‘AFT’, and rec.arts.books.tolkien, ‘RABT’ (if you don't have a dedicated usenet client set up, you might want to use the Google Groups interfaces: Google Groups: AFT and Google Groups: RABT. Google Groups unfortunately only carries posts back to 1992 and 1993 respectively, but AFT is older than that.

Every month (approximately) I have made a summary of the Tolkien-related stuff (mainly on the internet) that I have found and have found most interesting. This summary, which I in my presumptuosness have called Tolkien Transactions, has been posted to the Tolkien newsgroups, and the latest issue has kindly also been posted by Larry Swain on his blog, The Ruminate, here. I expect that I will also post these here — usually within a week of the turn of the month (but no promises, mind!).

In any case, if you plan to read what I may have to say, then the best thing to do is to subscribe using one of the many tools that are provided such as RSS feeds etc.

This is about as much as I have to say for an introduction.