Sunday 3 October 2021

Unboxing a Red Book

Unboxing Parma Eldaliéva Special II by Elmenel

I am certainly not used to doing these things, as you can surely see from this video, but I found that this book is worth trying it out for.

I believe that her work deserves a larger audience, not just to be seen by many, but also to be bought by many. There is something exceedingly satisfying about having these red books on your shelf, knowing that such a level of beauty is awaiting inside.

The magic, the enchantment, of Tolkien's fiction is in his words. It is the words themselves that capture us, that enchant us, that puts us under that Elvish spell of Secondary Belief.  What Elmenel does is to take that enchantment and work yet another enchantment on top of it by making the words themselves into works of Art in one more way: she takes the beauty of Tolkien's words and adds the beauty of her own Tengwar calligraphy, and the result is enough to bring tears of joy, even though I still have to work my way painstakingly through every page using a Tengwar chart.

So, I urge you: get yourselves to Elmenel's website,, and purchase yourself a book written in Tengwar, and then find the link to her Patreon site, where you can sign up for a small support to keep this unique Tolkien artist in business.

The music is “Galadriel's Song of Eldamar, Ai! Laurië Lantar” from An Evening in Rivendell with The Tolkien Ensemble and is used with permission. 

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