Tuesday 10 January 2012

Not as Black as They're Painted?

Over the past week, news of a literary award of fifty years ago have, for brief period, overshadowed the film news from the other side of the globe in the appearance of Tolkien's name in news items. In the bottom of this, I will provide links to some of the stories that have resulted.

The news started with an article in the Swedish paper Sydsvenskan by journalist Andreas Ekström, who reported that Graham Greene had been number two for the Nobel Prize in Literature for 1961, and further down in the article he also told that J.R.R. Tolkien had been nominated for the prize by friend and fellow Inkling C.S. Lewis, whose professorship had earned him the right to nominate candidates for the prize.

Anders Ekström reports that the committee member Anders Österling in the protocol ends the comments on Tolkien by stating that “resultatet har dock icke i något avseende blivit diktning av högsta klass” — “the result has, however, not in any respect become writing of the highest class.” The Swedish word dock expresses, as the English “however”, a contrast to the preceding, and I therefore set about to discover what may have preceded it — it would mean quite a difference whether it followed a general praise of Tolkien's accomplishment or a mere mention of the nomination. Ekström tells that Österling “says something more positive before this,” and though he doesn't remember the exact words, it is “something about him appreciating the imaginativeness or so, but then he objects to how it is told.”

So while Tolkien didn't make the top three (number three was the Danish author Karen Blixen, also known by her pseudonym Isak Dinesen), the Nobel Committee's evaluation of Tolkien's work, though clearly not as positive as mine would be, was not quite the snub it has been described as in some media.

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